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Fall Bass Fishing PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Golden leaves and cool breezes are not the only sure signs of fall. You'll know that the season has arrived when the phone rings and a buddy invites you along on a fall bass fishing trip.

Fall bass fishing is a time-honored tradition in our neck of the woods. Great things are bound to leap from the stream when the leaves begin to turn orange, gold and crimson. A chill in the air nips at your skin when the sun dips below the horizon. Harvest season fills your plate with the finest vegetables and the smoothest wine this side of the cornfield. So many people flock to the rivers and ponds, you almost need to make a reservation if you want you to fish your favorite spot on the bend.

With such a packed audience, you'd better know what you're doing. At least, you'd better look like you know what you're doing. If you can't walk the walk, make sure you can at least dress and pack like you're trying. Load up your fishing box with all your best lures, flies and all the other tackle you'll need for fall bass fishing. Today's high-tech tackle boxes are made with heavy duty plastic polymers that seal tight when you shut them. Some are even designed to float in case they go for a swim by accident. Clear cases can show off all of your colorful worms, lures and flies. But ask the old-timers and they'll tell you that an old tin lunchbox works just fine for storing tackle.

A reel pouch can also be a handy spot for storing gear. This crafty item is perfect to pull out at fall bass fishing time. Reel pouches protect your combo when it's not stored in travel tube during moves from your cottage to the car, or from your car to the creek.

Autumn's hottest, most functional and arguably most stylish accessory for fall bass fishing time is the fishing vest. A good vest has lots of pockets, but for the greatest fashion effect keep your tools and gear dangling on the outside of the pockets. This is where you showcase your tools to file hooks, tie knots, cut lines and clean your needles. Pick up a separate tool for each job, or do it all with one handy multipurpose tool. You'll be guaranteed to have the gear you need close at hand, and you'll get those nods of approval from your fellow anglers.

If you want to be really prepared for fall bass fishing, keep a filet knife close by. Because you never know what's bound to come leaping from the stream.
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