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Golf Resort: Reviews and Recommendations PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Sun, sand, blue skies… and golf?  If this sounds like your idea of paradise, then a golf resort vacation could be the ideal retreat you've been looking for.

Golf is a universal sport, and so there are wonderful golf courses virtually anywhere you're willing to travel.  Here are just a few of the world's favorite golf resort destinations:

* Hawaii

For the ultimate sports vacation, consider visiting one of Hawaii's golf resorts. There are six glorious islands, each seemingly created with golfers in mind.  It's always golf season on the Hawaiian islands, making this the perfect year-round destination for avid golfers.  It's no wonder that so many golfers and leading golf course architects journey to Hawaii to experience the pinnacle of all the golf resort experiences.  Maui, Oahu and Kauai Island each house a number of golf resorts that dreams are made of.

The island of Maui is home to some of the world's most impressive golf resorts.  These little pieces of paradise offer sweeping views of Maui's coastline, as well as the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai.  In winter, humpback whales can be seen swimming along the coastline, presenting Hawaiian golfers with yet another amazing site to add to the greens.  A Maui golf resort is truly a golfer's paradise, with spectacular scenic views of mountains and oceans, hilly golf courses and sloping terrains.

Given the extreme beauty and excitement of a Hawaiian golf resort vacation, it can be difficult to book a tee time.  Despite the fact that these resorts can be more expensive, they are not always able to accommodate all of the golfers wishing to spend time on the greens.

* California

Southern California, another site ranking high on the "World's Best" list, is home to many of the golf's most historic events.  California golf resorts are some of the best you'll find anywhere, making them ideal sites for many International tournaments.

The combination of California's natural beauty, perfect climate and genuine elegance makes it the perfect choice for business and for pleasure.  Double Tree Golf Resort, Pala Mesa Golf Resort and Mount Woodson are just three of the most celebrated sites in this state.  From lakeside golf resorts to those fringed by majestic mountains, California can be a truly remarkable place to spend your golf vacation.

* Michigan

The state of Michigan prides itself on its reputation as "America's Summer Golf Capital". The majority of its 1000 golf resorts and courses offer first-rate services, placing Michigan in 12th place on Golf Digest's list of best golf destinations in the world.  Four of America's Top 75 golf courses are located in Michigan.  The breathtaking vistas, blue waters and lush fairways hook first-time visitors, and have them coming back again and again.

* Florida
If you've ever heard the expression "golf 'til you drop in Florida", it's because there are more golf courses and golf resorts in Florida than you can imagine.  These courses and resort offer first-rate facilities and amenities, like pro golf shops, putting greens, driving ranges, bars and restaurants.

Through the years, Florida has hosted many golf tournaments, including the international LPGA and PGA tours.  Golf in Florida is nothing short of outstanding, with excellent accommodations and the best in dining.  It's everything that a golfer could look for in a golf resort vacation.

* Myrtle Beach
Known as the "World's Golfing Capital", Myrtle Beach is also home to first-rate golf resorts.  It would be difficult to find another place in the world that matches the sheer density of golf courses, with so many situated in and around Myrtle Beach. 

* Ireland

When it comes right down to it, nothing beats Ireland for real excitement, rugged challenges, excellent vistas and world-class golfing amenities.  Although not what many would consider to be a true "resort" destination, a golf vacation in Ireland is an experience that no golfer should live without.

If you really love to golf, then consider a golf resort for your next getaway.  With any luck, your husband or wife loves the sport as much as you do.
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